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Trip: Caribbean Sea, Aruba 
27th-Oct-2006 08:34 am
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Trip: Caribbean Sea
(Поездка: Карибы) Aruba (Аруба)

Aruba Tourism Authority 1200 Harbor Blvd., Weehawken, NJ 07086 Ph: 201/330-0800, 011-297-582-3777
Ph: (297) 34545 (на самом острове, я так понимаю) http://www.aruba-travelguide.com/
Туристический офис Арубы http://www.aruba.com/ — (297) 23777

Taxi Service office Ph: 297/582-2116

Основные ссылки

http://archive.travel.ru/aruba/ — почитать по-русски
Почитать по-английски:

Фестивали и праздники на Арубе
Круглый год, по вторникам, в столичном форте Зутман проходит Фестиваль Бонбини, который представляет туристам выставки прикладного искусства, продуктовые ярмарки и множество музыкально-танцевальных мероприятий.

Карты Арубы
http://archive.travel.ru/aruba/map/aruba_map.html (довольно отвратительная, впрочем)


Seaworld Explorer semi-submarine
Atlantis Adventure Center, L.G. Smith Boulevard 82, Oranjestad, Aruba Ph: 011 (297) 588-6881
Begins at the Pelican Pier located on the beach at The Holiday Inn Resort where
Hours: daily 11:30am and 1:30pm. Tour duration: 1-1.5 hours.
Price: $37
Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance of your selected tour's scheduled departure time.


Pelican Adventures
Irausquin Boulevard 232, Oranjestad, Aruba Ph: 011-297-587-2302 weekdays; 011-297-586-1455 weekends
http://www.pelican-aruba.com/tours.html — на автобусе
Beach & Cave: Open-air bus Hours: Tue-Thur 9:30am-4:00pm Price: $52
Island Tour: Hours: Mon, Wed, Fr, Sat. 9:15am-12:45pm Price: $36
Wet'n Wild: (на джипах, судя по всему) Hours: 9am-5:30pm Price: $99, Hours: 9am-2:30pm Price: $70

http://www.pelican-aruba.com/cruise.html — Sailing Cruises
http://www.pelican-aruba.com/scuba.html — Diving

Red Sail Tours
http://www.redsailaruba.com/ar_cruise.html — Tours for Cruise visitors
Half Day Luncheon Snorkel Sail
Take a 4-hour trip to some of the island’s best areas for sea life. The sail includes two snorkel stops, snacks, open bar, snorkel equipment and instructions.
Check-In: The Hyatt pier on Palm Beach.
Hours: Daily, except Tuesday 9:15am-1:15pm

Antilla Snorkel Sail
During this 2 1/2-hour trip, you’ll make two snorkel stops at the wreck of the Antilla/Catalina Bay, a 400' sunken German freighter — one of the Caribbean’s largest wrecks. Includes snacks, beverages and snorkeling equipment.
Check-In: The Hyatt pier on Palm Beach.
Hours: Daily, except Tuesday 2:30-5:00pm

Red Sail offers a variety of watersports. Choose from Waverunners, sailing, water-skiing, parasailing and more. Watersports centers are located on Palm Beach at the Marriott Resort.

De Palm Tours
Ph: 1-800-766-6016
Aruba safari off-road adventure
Natural pool jeep adventure — California Lighthouse and the Natural Bridge (collapsed on September 2, 2005), half-day trip
Baby beach jeep adventure
Sea trek — No swimming or diving experience required. Private guided tours. Sea Trek is exclusively available at De Palm Island. Фотки отпадные.
Snuba — наряние на веревочке, для тех, у кого нет лицензии
Discover Aruba tour — California Lighthouse, the Baby Natural Bridge (collapsed on September 2, 2005), Arashi Beach, the picturesque Alto Vista Chapel, and the island's distinctive caves. Includes a snorkel stop at Baby Beach (? уточнять, на разных сайтах разное написано.).
Hours: 9:30am & 1:30pm, Duration: 4Hrs Price: $49/24.50 (?)

Beach express
Palm pleasure snorkel adventure
Happy hour snorkel sail
Scuba diving

Explore Aruba Adventure bus tour — Wabistraat 1, Oranjestad, Aruba. Ph: (297) 993-0757. Tue-Sat 9am-1:30pm, duration 4.5 hrs Price: $30. California lighthouse, Alto Vista chapel, Natural Bridge, Seroe Colorado and one of the famous caves in Aruba. Swim at Baby Beach.
EL Tours Aruba — 4x4 guided off-road tour
Rancho Daimari — horseback riding Palm Beach 33-B, Aruba, Ph: 586-6284 and 586-6285
Rancho Daimari — four wheelin't tour

http://www.caribbean-on-line.com/islands/ar/ormap.shtml — карта
Dutch-style buildings
http://www.arubatravelinfo.com/museums.html — Oranjestad Museums and Churches

Archaeological Museum of Aruba
J.E. Irausquinplein 2A. Free admission. Mon-Fri 8am-Noon and 1-4pm

Fort Zoutman, Willem III Tower, and Museo Arubano, Historical Museum of Aruba
Zoutmanstraat z/n. Admission $1.25 Mon-Fri 9am-Noon and 1-4pm

Cas di Cultura
Civic center, Theater
Vondellaan 2 (at the traffic circle off L.G. Smith Blvd. between the airport and downtown Oranjestad). Free admission. Mon-Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 10am-2pm

Numismatic Museum of Aruba
Zuidstraat 7 (a block northeast of Fort Zoutman). Free admission, donations appreciated. Mon-Fri 7:30am-3:30pm

Beth Israel Synagogue
Adriaan Lacle Blvd. 2. Friday service 8pm

Protestant Church
Wilhelminastraat 1 (behind the Sonesta) Mon-Fri 10am-Noon

Saint Franciscus Church
Irausquinplein 3, Oranjestad. Always open. Masses on Sunday at 6:30am, 10am, and 7pm in both Papiamento and English

Другие достопримечательности Аpубы

Windsurfing, Sailing, Kite Boarding, Kayaking, Parasailing, Scuba-diving & snorkeling, Jeep Tours, Horseback Riding, Biking, Hiking, Wildlife Watching

Alto Vista Chapel
A small Catholic chapel that stands on the hills above the north shore and to the northeast of the town of Noord

Arikok Park
Also housed within the park are significant historical and cultural sites, including examples of the homes of early settlers as well as rock drawings left behind by the island's very first inhabitants

Aruba Aloe Museum & Factory
Aruba Aloe Balm N.V., Pitastraat 115, Hato 0.6 mi east on Rt. 4A from the Eagle Beach traffic circle, then 0.2 mi south to Pitastraat 115. Ph: (+297) 588-3222
Hours: Mon–Fri 8:30am–4pm, Sat 9am–1pm.
Price: Adults $8

Butterfly Farm
The Butterfly Farm is located at Palm Beach across from the Aruba Phoenix and Aruba Resort Hotels.
Hours: 9am-4:30pm

Donkey Sanctuary
Follow the signs to the Natural Bridge (collapsed on September 2, 2005). Starting at the intersection of Ayo Rock formation you will find the white/brown road signs to the sanctuary
Hours: Sat-Sun 10am-3pm, Mon-Fr 9am-12:30pm

Ostrich Farm
The ostrich farm is located along the road leading to the Natural Bridge (Matividiri 57)
Please note that reservations must be made one day in advance. Ph: (297) 585-9630 E-mail: info@arubaostrichfarm.com
Option 1: Transfer and tour
Price: $19 per adult
Duration: approximately 1.5 hours

California Lighthouse
Near the island's northwestern tip

The Guadirikiri (Quadiriki) Cave is famous for its two chambers, illuminated by the sunlight streaming through holes in the roof of the cave. In the darker portions of the cave nest hundreds of harmless bats.
The Fontein Cave is the most popular of the caves as it is the only one that has the drawings of Arawak Indians on the ceilings, providing a real sense of island history to this cave.

De Oude Molen/Windmill
Dutch Timepiece, Neighborhood: 9182, J E Irausquin Boulevard 330 D, Aruba,
Phone: +297 586 1100

Historic Gold Mills
Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
On the northern coast, midway down the island, sits the abandoned gold mill
Balashi Gold Mill Ruins
At the tip of the Spanish Lagoon

Natural Bridge (collapsed on September 2, 2005)

Natural Pool

Lourdes Grotto

Offshore Islands
Renaissance Island
De Palm Island (подробнее было выше)
For more information about De Palm Island, please call (297) 585-4799 or contact or visit De Palm Tours Desks located in one of the major hotels.

Rock Formations
Casibari Boulders & Ayo Rock Formations (Rock drawings, dating back thousands of years)

Sand Dunes

Nature & Wildlife
Aruba's dry, desert-like rocky terrain is an ideal home for many four-legged animals, including wild donkeys and goats. They are usually found near the rock formation of Ayo

Пляжи на Арубе


Aruba Beaches — West Side
http://www.aruba-travelguide.com/beaches/beach-1.html — c примерными картами
Arashi Beach — http://www.threebestbeaches.com/centralamcarib/aruba/2005/10/arashi-beach-aruba.html
Boca Catalina http://www.shorediving.com/Earth/ABC/Aruba/Boca_Catalina/index.htm
Malmok Beach
Palm Beach — http://www.threebestbeaches.com/centralamcarib/aruba/
Eagle Beach — http://www.threebestbeaches.com/centralamcarib/aruba/2005/10/eagle-beach.html
Manchebo Beach
Druif Beach
Surfside Beach
Sonesta Island

Aruba Beaches — East Side
Dos Playa
Mangel Halto
Rodgers Beach
Baby Beach — It is at the opposite side of the island than the cruise ships http://www.threebestbeaches.com/centralamcarib/aruba/2005/10/baby-beach-aruba.html
Boca Tabla (Bachelor's beach)

Snorkel and Scuba diving

Roberto's Private Snorkeling — тур
Jan Oosterwaal Longfellowstraat 2, Oranjestad Ph: (297) 9932850

Unique Sports of Aruba (Diving schools)


Sonesta Island
Surfside Beach - calm water
Druif Beach
Manchebo Beach (Punto Brabo) — the surf is steady and brisk, there are no watersports in the area http://www.frommers.com/destinations/aruba/0176020389.html , http://www.manchebo.com/
Palm Beach at the Marriott Resort — Watersports of Red Sail Aruba centers http://www.aruba-redsail.com/watersports.shtml
Hadikurari — most popular spot for windsurfing, equipment is readily available, Aruba Boardsailing School

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